Wednesday, September 9, 2009


haa tanggalnya bagus ya. gpp gue pengen post tanggal segini aja abis suka bgt tanggalnya. padahal gatau juga mau ngepost ttg apa, lagi ga ada cerita ato yg lagi pgn diomongin jg hahaaaa yaudin ah daaaaaaaaa :) oh iya happy birthday pak sby!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The O.C.

Im sorry for being so lame, but this stuff im gonna write is not lame. at all. its about The OC. My favorite show in the whole world! I love everything about The OC! The casts, the story, the dialogue, the soundtracks... everything! I watched it for the first time back in 7th grade (2005). The show started on 2003, created by Josh schwartz who is also the creator of Gossip Girl. My favorite character is Seth cohen. oh and Summer roberts. and Marissa cooper. and Ryan atwood. Oh well, i love them all. I cried on so many episodes of The OC. Especially on "The end's not near, it's here" because that was the last episode of The OC and i was so sad because the show's over. Actually i cried on many episodes of The OC. The one where marissa dies, the one where summer and seth broke up, the one where summer cries because she misses marissa (when she seeing a shrink), and many more.. I dont know why, but yes, i am majorly obsessed about The OC! Ok, enough talking, im gonna give you some of the pics.