Friday, July 17, 2009

Late holiday post

phew, it has been a long time since the last time i wrote. dont have much to tell though. anywhoooooo.. it's holiday and i aint goin anywhere. but last week i had a (very fun) trip with my friends to pulau seribu!!! we slept in dimas' house in pulau pramuka. and i had my first snorkel experience! never thought sea water could be so... salty. i mean, i know that sea water contains salt, it's just.. so salty that's it. here's the pict

it's us snorkeling. not floating. hahaha. o, and i went to tamansafari with my middle school friends a day before pulauseribu. hence i was so exhausted. but that was a fun trip too. i was forced to go into the reptile aquarium. can you imagine how.... eww is that? and i took a pic with a baby lion (im not sure if it's still a baby or not but it was in the "baby zoo" zone)
p.s. this post been written before on june 30, but it got deleted so i wrote it for the second time

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