Thursday, July 16, 2009

A story about Plum and ABC

I have a story about a girl named plum. Once upon a time, a long time ago (well if you call 5 years long), plum fell in love with a boy (we'll call him A). She told A's friend that she was in love with A and suddenly the whole school knew that plum liked A! Gossips and rumors were start spreading. But A didn't ever seem to acknowledge plum. He knows her. He plays in the same circles with her. They just never talked to each other. One day, A's friend told A that plum liked him! Oh my was it so wrong. And the boy said "i don't like her, not a bit" and that was a stab in the heart for plum. But she didn't seem to stop falling in love with him, with the whole school know and he himself knows, she didn't seem to stop liking him. But she and him were never friends, even before she liked him. It was as if they were never knew each other because they hardly ever talked, even though they were in the same circles. It went on and on and on for 3 whole years. Plum and A were in the same class at 8th grade. Even so, they still weren't talking. A always call plum names. Ugly names. Not to her but through his friends, which apparently were plum's friends too. So plum always knew what A had said about her. Plum was supposed to hate him. But she didn't. What worse was that she kept liking him on and on and on, even though they went to different high school.. In her new school, plum still remembering him everyday, crying over him at night just like back then in middle school, not getting over the fact that she should be moving on and forget him and that he would never like her.. One few many times, God had sent her some boys to replace A. But plum never acknowledged them. Until one day, she fell in love again. It was the first time she fell in love to a boy other than A. Let's call him B. B was her junior. They had some nice conversations on msn, and B was very nice to her. One day in november plum were walking to her friend's house with 2 of her friends. They kept moaning about how hot the weather was and they were wishing that there would be some boys from their school who suddenly came to pick them up with motorcycles. And they got what they wished for. Suddenly brrm brrm brrm..... Some boys wearing their school uniform with motorcycles run past them. Plum and her friends screamed so they could hear them and give them a ride to their friend's house. And they stopped. The boys were their junior. And so they gave plum and her friends a ride. Plum was with this junior she barely knew before, but she tried to be nice by asking him some questions. And he answered. And whoosh... suddenly plum got to her friend's house. Plum didn't know why but her heart was beating a little faster. Her face redden. Then a few days later she said the words "I'm in love" with (oo what would we call him? Okay, C). Sooooo B was only a fling to plum and that was the end of story of B and plum. What plum didn't know was that C already got a girlfriend. Later she found out about that, but plum was plum. She kept being in love with C. The story went on... They were msn-ing a few times, they went to had dinner with their friends, plum sat next to C in the car, plum sat next to C in the restaurant, C laughed to every jokes plum made, plum helped C covered his scar after C fell when he played soccer, plum went to malaysia and singapore with C, C was holding her hand in the haunted house (it was her first time), they were in the same umbrella on the way to the plane, etc., etc.. Rumor had it that C was going to break up with his girlfriend, but they were never breaking up. Until one day, a week after they got back from that trip to malaysia... C broke up with his girlfriend. Plum got so excited she couldn't say a word, she thought it would be her chance to get close to him. But she was wrong. A month after that plum's friend told her that B didn't like her style. Plum cried so hard. She was so sad because she scared that it would be the same story with the one she had with A back then. You know, with A calling her names. History sometimes repeats itself, that was what plum think. One time, she tried reaching C on msn. He replied it, it's not just the same as back then. And that was when plum realized that C wouldn't like her too, just like A. Plum got so sad because, it was hard for her to move on (it took 5 years) and then when she did move on, it all just the same with the last one. The only different was that they're not the same person.. And that was the story about plum. What is the ending? That one, I don't know. I wish plum a very happy ending either with A or C.

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